From the right: Ryan Pharo (AFP Digital), Ricardo Sousa (Gressingham), JJ Kotze (Seamcor)

Quality standards and product integrity are foremost in the mind for internationally recognised Duck and Turkey producers, Gressingham Foods.


The UK’s leading Duck producers were keen to improve their food safety culture and asked Seamcor to help.


From the scheduling of audit inspections, line packaging and labelling checks, to identifying production codes and batch records alongside temperature checks and GMP checks. Gressingham Foods complete upwards of 200 checks every day and sought out Seamcor as they looked for a ‘better way’.


The Seamcor software is now being integrated into a number of day-to-day Gressingham processes and is enabling employees to reduce paper / clipboard reporting and adopt quicker (and fully traceable) monitoring on handheld devices. The data which is gathered in real-time, is stored on a central server with full integration with Gressingham’s reporting system.


With a commitment towards the health and welfare of their poultry and thus constant independent audits across a wide range of standards, Gressingham’s now use ‘The Seamcor software’ as an integral part of their mission towards improving food safety and being always mindful of the environment, are now saving a substantial amount of paper each week!


Ricardo Sousa, Gressingham, said;


“Using Seamcor software has made a significant and tangible difference to our process. We are very pleased with the low-cost innovation which has helped with day-to-day challenges such as ensuring inspections are systematically undertaken, centrally monitored and most importantly allowed us to react in real-time as challenges are Identified.”