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Discover Seamcor: the all-in-one business information system. With integrated automation, data management, and security, it's fully autonomous and tailored to your needs.

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Your process, your scope.


Fully customisable and versatile, it automates tailor-made solutions for qualiy, risk, and asset management.


Seamlessly integrates with your business operations, offering cloud or on-premises deployment options.



Discover the Benefits of Seamcor:

1. Informed Decisions:

Seamcor provides accurate information for informed choices. Our data analysis tools reveal insights and support strategic planning.

2. Boost Efficiency: 

Seamcor automates processes, saving time and resources. It optimizes workflows, promotes collaboration, and increases productivity.

3. Data Management:

Seamcor effectively captures, organizes, and retrieves your data. It ensures data integrity, accessibility, and improved quality throughout your organization.

4. Simplified Compliance:

Seamcor prioritizes data security and privacy, making compliance effortless. It helps you maintain audit trails, records, and regulatory reporting.

5. Scalable Growth: 

Seamcor scales with your organization, accommodating increasing data volumes and users. It integrates with other systems and offers customization to meet your evolving business needs.





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Our Clients:

Customer Testimonials

“We are delighted to have partnered with Seamcor. Our in-store colleagues and compliance teams can access vital information at the click of a button without the need to wade through stacks of paper. This will save our colleagues a lot of time and allow them instead to use their expertise in wellness to help support even more of our customers.”


Lisa Widdison,

Director of Retail Operations at Holland & Barrett

“Using the Seamcor software has made a significant and tangible difference to our process. We are very pleased with the low-cost innovation which has helped with day-to-day challenges such as ensuring inspections are systematically undertaken, centrally monitored and most importantly allowed us to react in real-time as challenges are Identified.”


Ricardo Sousa,

Technical Manager at Gressingham

“The Seamcor software has revolutionised our ability to manage compliance across our business, their versatility and approach has been nothing short of game changing. Their turnaround responsiveness in relation to the development of the software to enable real-time, daily checks for COVID was impressive, they have become our partner in every sense of the word.”


Sollie Swanepoel,

BIS Group Manager at Samancor

“Following the software integration, we have seen significantly reduced auditing times, as well as overall efficiency improvements. Our recent BRC Double A grade was largely achieved by the fact that we can now easily create and submit clear audit reports. Quite simply, Seamcor helped us grow. I could not see our business running without it now.”


David Elmer,

Operations Director at Puratos UK

“Seamcor is a great organisation, because the answer is never ‘no’. They always say, ‘Yes, we can make something happen’.”


Duncan MacMillan,

IT Director at Elis