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Indigo Food Group support their significant growth by partnering with Seamcor for paperless traceability & BRC compliance at the Welsh Pantry Bakery

Jan 23, 2020

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Ian Collins, Director from Seamcor (right) with Alan Shaw, Site Technical Manager from The Welsh Pantry (centre) and Adam Darling, Account Manager from Seamcor.

The Welsh Pantry, an award-winning savoury baked manufacturer and distributor is thriving after investing in Paperless Quality Management to improve traceability, increase efficiency and aid BRC compliance.


Mark Woodington, Director at Indigo Food Group said: “Throughout the group we pride ourselves in continuous improvement and in response to significant growth over the last 24 months we have increased our investment plans.


 The primary reason for investing in the Seamcor software is to provide the team at The Welsh Pantry the ability to capture and manage real-time and consistent process information, which will aid increased production while maintaining a consistent quality culture.


 Most importantly, the software investment with Seamcor has put us one step ahead of our competitors.”


In 2019, The Welsh Pantry (which produced pies, sausage rolls and savoury pastries) was aiming to take business to the next level by moving a variety of production systems to digital and paperless. To drive the transition, they asked Seamcor to support the bakery’s senior management team. Following a scoping exercise, the Seamcor team integrated their software in August 2019.


Principle Suite now enables the production team to complete all checks, tests and inspections on Android phones and automatically generate key reports. This investment has also freed-up employee time, driving improvements in other areas such as start-up checks, incoming goods inspections and other online production/ traceability monitoring.


This has not only reduced paper use; it has created more efficient reporting/ auditing with automated checks and data uploads.


Alan Shaw, Site Technical Manager at The Welsh Pantry said:


“In a just short period of time we have seen a massive gain in productivity and efficiency.


We now also have huge potential to improve other departments across the business and this is something we will do within the coming months. As a part of this we are on track to have full digitised traceability by May 2020 and prior to our next BRC Audit.”